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547_earl_greyWhatever the occasion, whatever the blend of tea, whatever the time of day .. or night, here are steps to prepare and enjoy a simply splendid cup of tea.

Use good quality loose leaf tea, like our Baroness Grey Tea, a blend of high-blend Ceylon black tea leaves, cornflowers, citrus peel, rose petals and the traditional bergamot oil.

Pour about one cup of the boiled water to your teapot, swish the water about and drain.

Add one rounded/level teaspoon of loose leaf per cup of tea.

Pour the freshly-boiled  water over the tea leaves, give the leaves a gentle stir and let brew to your desired strength.


Add lemon or milk; sugar


Baroness Grey Tea is available in 50 gram or 100 gram foil pouches. The 50 gram pouch is $6.42 (CDN $) and the 100 gram pouch is $12.42 (CDN $). Both prices inlcude HST (Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax) but NOT shipping charges. Payment by Interac bank transfer. To order: