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Hope springs eternal
and here are five small indulgences for May

At the start of every month, we offer you a short list of pleasant activities mostly focussed on afternoon tea. Herewith five suggestions for the month of May 2013.

KITE FLYING In our corner of the world (Toronto, Canada), spring breezes are definitely blowing, so we thought this is a good time to go fly a kite. Kites originated in China and have been around for at least two thousand years. Through trading, kites spread around the world, arriving in Japan in the 7th century; buddhist monks flew kites to avert evil spirits. Fast forward to the 18th and 19th centuries when kites became scientific instruments and it was only in the last 50 years that kites became a big-time recreational activity. So, celebrate spring and go fly a kite. If you have unique stories about kite flying or a favourite park for kite flying, send us a comment. For more information about kite flying, kite festivals, please see the American Kitefliers Association.

A LONG WALK If flying a kite is not your cup of tea, treat yourself to a couple of long walks throughout the month. Nothing beats the steady pace of walking in a public garden or ravine to clear winter from the mind and the soul.

PhotoA FINE TEACUP A good frolic in the park with your kite, or a long walk, calls for a good cup of tea as your just reward. Last month, one of our small indulgences was a Brown Betty teapot. This month, acquire a fine teacup. Or perhaps two, so you can have tea with your best friend. Lucky you if you have Grandmother’s fine tea set; if not really good bone china cups and saucers can be had in antique stores, garage sales and don’t forget on-line auction sites. 

MOTHERS DAY And who can forget Sunday May 12 is Mother’s Day. Treat your mother to afternoon tea with your Brown Betty teapot and fine china teacups. Your mother lives out of town? We have the perfect solution.  It’s easy to say, “WE LOVE YOU MOM” with a bone china teacup and oval saucer, a sleeve of lavender shortbread biscuits and 50 grams of Baroness Grey choice loose leaf tea. Gift wrapped and be-ribboned with a tulle bow. $49.00 CDN plus taxes and delivery anywhere in North America.

LEAP OF CAKE You will need a special cake for your Mother’s Day tea. We are pleased to introduce Mardi South, one of Toronto’s finest independent Cake Artist. View and order from Leap of Cake.

Do you have a special Mother’s Day rituals, or memories? Share them through a comment!