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Jazz-age splendour to celebrate Dad’s special day

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Dad on his special day

Trading on the buzz created by the remake of the Great Gatsby, we have created the perfect tea brunch to honour Dad. Next Sunday, June 16, is Father’s Day, so today we depart from the Victorian era, and fast forward a few years to the Jazz Age to announce our Simply Splendid Afternoon Tea for Farther’s Day 2013.

F. Scott Fitzgerald penned this literary classic in 1925. There have been multiple remakes of the Great Gatsby movie. The first movie came out as a silent film in 1926. Then there were more versions to come out in 1949, 1974, 2000 and finally the newest movie in 2013. Every movie has put its own flair on the classic story while staying true to what Fitzgerald wrote.

We have created a special Bill of Fare for Sunday June 16:

The Daisy Cocktail

Gin, Baroness Grey Tea (iced), lemon juice, syrup, ginger ale

Tea Sandwiches


Smoked salmon with lemon zest

English cumber with mint-infused butter

Roast beef with Dijon mustard on mini brioche

Scones and desserts

Classic Victorian scones with

Devon Clotted Cream, preserves

Gâteau Gatsby*

Berry medley


Baroness Grey

 Milk, sugar cubes and lemon slices

Cigars optional!

* Dark chocolate and a secret ingredient!