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It’s 4:00 p.m. in Toronto and we have stopped the world for our customary cup, or two, of freshly brewed loose-leaf tea. Today we are taking Buckingham Palace Garden Party tea because it’s a perfect light summer tea and we’re in a royal mood, given that the world is on a countdown for the birth of Her/His Royal Highness, Princess/Prince Cambridge.

While chilling out with our cup of tea and a freshly made cucumber sandwich, we took to perusing the world media to find out what’s happening on the royal birth front.

Our first port of call was the BBC where we learned the Queen said this morning she hopes the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is born soon. This comment was made to a 10-year-old schoolgirl while Her Majesty was on a series of engagements in Cumbria.  Primary School pupil Fay Batey asked if the Queen wanted the royal baby to be a boy or a girl. The Queen replied: “I don’t think I mind. I would very much like it to arrive. I’m going on holiday.”

rtx10b6y-jpgNext we checked the home pages of some major media outlets and culled the following headlines:

Queen impatient for royal baby to arrive, The Times. Also from The Times (online): Impatient Queen tells the royal baby to get a move on

Royal baby: ‘I hope it comes soon because I’m going on holiday!’ says the Queen on visit to Cumbria, The Telegraph

Hurry up Kate: Even The Queen wants the royal baby to come soon as she’s off on holiday,  Librepensa.com

En attendant le «royal baby», Londres fait le plein de tourists, Le Figaro

Hurry up – even the Queen’s anxious for the royal baby to arrive, CBC

And finally, the irreverent Toronto Star sported this headline, “Royal baby watch: Princess Chardonnay? Don’t bet on it,” in which the Star reports on the odds on favourite for a girl’s and boy’s name.

Tea break is over …..

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