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At the start of every month, we offer you a short list of pleasant activities, some focussed on afternoon tea, some not. Herewith five suggestions for August 2013.

It’s still summertime and the living is easy, although torrential downpours and drama in the sky in eastern Canada cast a doubt on this statement; nonetheless, there’s always time to enjoy any of the following must do’s.

Pack a couple of sandwiches (first trim the crust then cut into fours), a thermos of tea,  a buttered scone (OK add jam too), a good book and take afternoon tea in the park. Make it even better – gather your girlfriends too and have a good chin wag.

And for  our readers in Manitoba, note this lovely painting of young ladies taking afternoon tea, resides in the Winnipeg Art Gallery. It is the “Afternoon Tea or the Gossips” painted by Sir John Everett Millais in 1889.

If afternoon tea in the park isn’t exactly your cup of tea, go catch a fish. Many cities and  municipalities and local campsites have fishing programmes; just check hours of

operations and rules.  You will have bragging rights at the fish fry.  Fishing in Glen Haffy Conservation Area; Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Attend a festival – it seems summer wouldn’t be summer without a music festival, from Beethoven on the Beach, Bach on the Back 40 to Edinburgh, the Proms and the kids summer camp concert.

Stlll not relaxed enough? May we suggest the juiciest watermelon you can lay your hands on, cut it up, take it the beach, loll on a beach chair watching fat summer clouds drift and doze between hydrating mouthfuls of watermelon.


720001And finally, (and we mean this literally), George Alexander Louis, heir to the British throne, was born on Monday 22 July.

We are pleased to celebrate the royal birth with a special menu afternoon tea.