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At the start of every month, we offer you a short list of pleasant activities to consider, some focussed on afternoon tea, some not.

Herewith five suggestions for September 2013.

For many it’s back to school, back to work or simply back to a routine after the relaxed pace of summer. We’re hoping for an Indian summer to make the transition easier.  And with transitions in mind, here are five must do’s for September.

Celebrate the autumnal, or the spring, equinox on September 23 – it arrives early at 1:30 a.m. EDT.

A Country Fair – there’s something special about a good old-fashioned country fair.  From plowing matches to best in class jams and pies, a country fair puts rural life on centre stage. Enjoy a day in the country.

Host an informal Cream Tea to reconnect with neighbours on your street after the summer. Bake a double batch of classic English scones, buy a jar of Devon Clotted Cream, put out your favourite preserves, line-up the cups and saucers and a couple of teapots on the kitchen counter and let everyone help themselves to a mouth-watering scone and a cup of tea and catch up on the latest news.


Photo: A. Mirabelli


Photo: A. Mirabelli


Photo: A. Mirabelli

scone service

Photo: E. Rouleau

It’s not too early to start your Christmas gift list; notice the operative word is list. Match your near and dear to a suitable range of gifts; revisit the list later in September and whittle it down to one, or two gifts, per person.  There you have it – your Christmas list is done! We’ll remind in on October to start shopping.

Indulge yourself in something out of the ordinary – like signing up for a tea sommelier course at a local community college or learning to needlepoint or making your own jam for the first time.

Share with us what your small indulgences are at this transitional time of the year.