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The exotic tea leaf  – the leaf that requires just so weather conditions and virtiginous elevations to become the beverage we love seems not so exotic after all. A recent post noted that tea is grown in the gardens at Tregothnan, Cornwall, England. And to prove this beverage is truly a gobal drink, tea estates seem to be popping all over the globe.

India, China, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Japan are now facing competition from upstart, and very respectable, tea plantations in some unexpected corners of the globe.

oak archway to the Cha;eston tea plantationTake the United States of America – known for its historic southern cotton plantations. The Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina is America’s only tea garden/estate/plantation. Its American Classic Tea – a medium black tea – is very popular in the Southern states.

In 2003, the Bigelow family purchased the Charleston Tea Plantation bringing 65 years of experience in the specialty tea business to the Plantation and the American Classic brand.  “The Charleston Tea Plantation has transformed into a true American icon.  American Classic Tea has maintained its faithful fans since its start in the late 1980’s and has continued to prosper as a result of consumers wanting to experience tea grown and produced 100% in America,’ says its website.

If you know of a tea plantation/garden/estate in your corner of the world, please let us know!