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I recently went back to college … all because I couldn’t get designer cupcakes out of my mind.  I had attended an introductory hands on chocolate bonbon workshop held in the brand new home of the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts. As part of the evening, Bonnie took us on a tour of her state of the art college. Wouldn’t you know it – the fist stop of the tour was a showcase of the masterful cake designs made at the school – and what caught my eye was a spring bouquet of cupcakes.

Cupcake BouquetsSo smitten was I, that the next morning I called the college and registered for the first available class.  Officially the course is called Cupcake Bouquets and I arrived in the classroom with my 18 cupcakes, baked to the Bonnie Gordon recipe.

Marisa, an extraordinary butter cream artiste was our teacher and student-assistant Mayuko, who incidentally, arrived from Japan only two months previously to begin her cake design course at the college, greeted the 12 students and the day began.

We learned about Styrofoam balls and low-rise vases and glue guns that hold them together. We learned about butter cream and how to colour frosting to achieve delicate floral shades. We learned about piping tips and couplers, toothpicks and white chocolate and finally, after hours of practice making butter cream flowers on small squares of parchment paper, we graduated to piping our cupcakes with sunflowers, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, carnations, ranunculus and roses.  That was really fun as we worked with coloured frosting and decorated our cupcakes. As we worked on our various flowers, the cupcakes were put in the fridges to set the frosting and once we had completed the floral designs we assembled our bouquets.


Then it was home to celebrate with family and friends and a pot of tea.