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At the start of every month, we offer you a short list of pleasant activities to consider,
some focused on afternoon tea, some not.

Herewith five suggestions for month for the month of August 2014

The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Canada 2014 Various locations across Canada, August 5-24 This edition of the beautiful game plays in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton. Cheer these amazing young women; get your tickets today. Along with host Canada, the 16 participating nations are Ghana, Finland, North Korea, Germany, USA, China PR, Brazil, England, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, Paraguay, France and Costa Rica.



Hot & Spicy Food Festival
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto August 15-17

Food crosses time and culture for sure. As does music. And dance. The 2014 Hot & Spicy Food Festival will introduce you to the nuances of layered flavours and the jumping jives of music and dance. Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas is honoured to be featured at this festival. Join us on Saturday August 16 at 1:00 p.m. at the Lakeside Terrace to see how we make our prized chocolate-cayenne shortbread.  samples after the demonstration.

Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas

Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas


Festival de la Poutine (PooTEEN)
Drummondville, Quebec August 21–23

This festival has plenty of live acts featuring great Quebecois bands and singers – all the better to tap your toes and to enjoy your fires, gravy and cheese curds. Poutine is a typically Quebecois meal invented in the late 1950s. Drummondville is one of three communities in rural Quebec claiming to be the birthplace of poutine, hence the annual festival. Over time, the popularity of poutine spread across Quebec and later throughout Canada. Poutine is often served in small town restaurants, bars, as well as being quite popular in ski resorts. In recent times it has found notoriety as an ‘it’ snack at weddings and special events.

Poutine festival in Drummondville  Poutine



Corn and Apple Festival
Morden, Manitoba August 22-24

Travelling west from Quebec, we offer another typcial Canadian festival – the Morden Corn and Apple Festival. Since 1967, this small prairie town shares the love equally between apples and corn, both of which grow abundantly on the farms of Morden. This is also known as the free festival: Free admission, free corn on the cob, free cider, free entrtainment and free parking. What’s not to love?


Create your own event
Your home, any time

And finally, create your own event. Gather friends, go to a famers market and see what’s good that day to use as inspiration for afternoon tea.

Freshly-picked watercress Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas

Freshly-picked watercress
Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas

Teapot with Laurel Leaves. Photo: A;an Mirabelli

Teapot with Laurel Leaves. Photo: Alan Mirabelli