Reblogging a post is a first for Her Ladyship (that would be me). I am sharing “British Tradition and the Appeal of Donuts” because it is spot on and very entertaining. The blog author is Dorreen Augustine, an American lady who has lived in England for the past 20 years. I hope you will enjoy her post as much as I did.

Mother Hen Diaries

Tea for the British is not just a beverage: It is, indeed, the very lifeblood of the country, regardless of whether one resides in Windsor Castle or a council estate. The very word carries a number of slightly differing meanings, and if and when you decide to visit, it is important that you understand what these mean.

tea There’s nothing quite like a lovely cuppa! Photo:

If a Brit invites you for coffee, for example, this could mean coffee, or it could mean tea or even hot chocolate. To be invited for coffee simply means you will be sharing a hot beverage together, no matter what time of day. It’s a little like an American asking if you want to get a Coke. It could be Pepsi, Kool-Aid, Iced Tea or anything.

If, however, you are invited for “Tea,” you must be sure to ascertain exactly what may be expected. Over…

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