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Hello readers and blog followers – especially Canadian tea lovers who follow this afternoon tea blog. Her Ladyship (that would be me!) has an urgent message.

The Canadian Parliament is debating changing a critical word in our glorious national anthem – changing “thy sons command” to “Us command”.  Here is the capsule change:

OLD: 1980 National Anthem Act: “True patriot love in all thy sons command”
PROPOSED: 2015 Bill C-624 proposed: “True patriot love in all of us command”


Along with other Canadians, I have endorsed the proposed change. Please join us in urging all MPs to vote YES to Bill C-624 when it comes up for 2nd Reading in the House of Commons in the next few weeks.

It’s very easy – just two clicks once you click on this link: Find and email your MP: a prepared message appears and is completed in under two minutes. (I just timed myself sending Carolyn Bennett my message of support).
IT IS SO IMPORTANT MPs from all parties hear from Canadians that there is widespread public support for making a simple change to Oh Canada to include all Canadians, no matter what our gender.

Thank you for “standing on guard” for all of us.

Enjoy your cup of tea!